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Hopefully, this post isn't out of line, but I just wanted to mention that Candy Addict is accepting writing submissions for our Guest Writer Week that will happen next week. if anyone is interested, please submit an article for consideration.

You'll get a little bit of fame, a link back to your site (if you have one), and if it really impresses me, it could lead to a paid writing gig with us!
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Orla Kiely Chocolates

Lovely gift from friend visiting from Dublin. Wish I had taken a picture of the box. Perhaps tomorrow?

The chocolates in order from left to right, top row first:

Lemon Sorbet-- Lemon truffle center in white chocolate. Not much lemon flavor here, just lots of creamy white chocolate. Tasted half and didn't finish the rest. Just alright.

Earl Grey-- No taste of tea or Earl Grey's distinctive bergamot. Just tasted chocolatey. Again, just alright.

Creme Brulee-- Vanilla center truffle in milk chocolate. Meh. No caramelized sugar taste or crunchies, not even a pronounced vanilla bean look, taste, or smell. Again, tasted half and didn't even bother to finish it.

Salt-- Salt caramel in dark chocolate. Finally, a winner! The saltiness worked very well with the creamy caramel and rich dark chocolate. Yum.

Butter Praline-- Best of the bunch. True, full, and rich hazelnut flavor. The texture and taste all gianduja aspire to. My roommate and I agreed that it was a good thing we didn't have a box full of just these.

Double Chocolate-- Basic chocolate truffle. Faily yummy, as all of it was eaten.

Almond Cafe-- Decent coffee flavor, ending kind of peanut buttery though.

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Maynard's Juicy Squirts

Maynard's Juicy Squirts. Anyone tried them?
Besides for the fact that they sound as though they're named after the creators favourite erotic film, they're pretty damn good. The contrast between the feeling of the runny goo inside, and the gummi outside of this dual-flavored gummi is extremely satisfying.

& of course, there's more fun to find once you discover you can pop the pineapple, and pearly ooze spills out like a zit. mmm, grotesque AND tasty.


Now that Easter's basically here, it was time for a mini-egg-off! i bought little bags of Cadbury Dark Mini Eggs, Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs, standard Cadbury Mini Eggs and Hershey Eggies.

the Hershey egg looms large over the Cadbury versions, which all look basically the same (though the standard milk chocolate eggs seems to be slightly stippled with brown). all are in chalky pastel colours.

the Popping Mini Eggs were the ones i found most fascinating, having never heard of them before. i fully expected the popping component to be in the shell, but it's actually right in the middle of the chocolate (which tastes just like standard mini egg chocolate). SURPRISE! I'd also never had the Dark chocolate eggs...and they turned out to be delightful. just a shade or so darker than the milk versions, these eggs had alovely cool-melting chocolate with a bit of smokiness that lingers in the mouth. as for the final two, i've had them many a time, and even once had a taste-off between Hershey and Cadbury some years back with my sister. we crowned Cadbury the winner then and i'd support that decision today as well. i just enjoy Cadbury's milk chocolate more than Hershey's, which tastes too milky-sweet for me. Hershey does have an advantage in the shell department: the shells on Eggies are a little thinner, making it easier to roll them along the inside of my teeth until the shell is shattered.

check out Not Martha's taste test of UK, US and Canadian Cadbury eggs for further chocolate egg excitement!

bring on the Easter candy, folks!

mr pibb/pibb xtra

This is my favourite drink EVER.

Since i live in canada...i can't get it :(. When i go to the states, its served in a few restaurants i like Ruby Tuesday's, Johnny Rockets. Once when i went to Mrs. Fields, they had it!!! Another Mrs Fields no :(

I find knock offs alot, like "dr thunder", etc. What I want is Pibb in a can, or bottle so i can buy tons to bring home.
I'm going to Pittsburg on the weekend, any suggestions? Or do u know if I can find any there???
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Hey candy loving people!  Hopefully this is a good post for the community.  I work for the postal service at their STAMP24 number taking stamp orders from the Philatelic catalog.  I was inspired by the last entry, and also, I love these candies so much so I just wanted to share this awesome stamp that came out this year.  

It's pretty cute too.  

Candy IS awesome!!


My Kinda Kiss

Has anyone tried the Limited Edition Hershey's Strawberry Creme Kisses?  I was reading a review about them here at Candy Addict, and it got me excited to try them, but when I hit the nearby Longs, they had a huge selection of Valentine's candy, but nary a Strawberry Creme Kiss in sight.  I suppose I might have better luck at Walgreens, but I'm going to be sad if I can't find any, because they look so tasty. 

Back around Christmas, we had a couple bags of the Candy Cane Kisses and the Mint Chocolate Kisses, both kinds of which were swiftly devoured.  I don't usually care for Hershey's chocolate, but the Kisses are a category unto themselves.  I just can't help but love the little guys.  The Candy Cane Kisses in particular were strangely addictive, with their white chocolate and candy cane bits combination.  The white chocolate is on the abnormal side, and the colors are the garish artificial hues you'd expect of Hershey, but they were good!

This might be strange, but limited edition candies have managed to strangely endear themselves to me.  I blame my mother.  A few years back, she picked up a bag of Mint Chocolate M&Ms for a holiday party, and it was all over from there.  The M&Ms never even made it to the party.  Apparently they have Crispy Mint M&Ms in Australia, which sends me into paroxysms of jealousy.  Kangaroos, penguins, Crispy Mint M& come all the good stuff is Down Under?